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Below you will find a list of sources that deals in various record accessories. Each item will be followed by the list of dealers. It is advised that you compare prices and terms. Some of these sites require a minimum purchase and shipping may be expensive, especially if the vendor is overseas. The Record Collectors Guild does not specifically endorse any dealer listed here, but merely offers the information as a convienence to our viewers.
If you know of a website that should be listed here, please e-mail the URL to the Record Collector's Guild. Please accept our thanks for your suggestions.

Inner Sleeves
A plastic or plastic lined paper envelope which surrounds and protects the record. It is then housed within the album cover. Used to reduce friction between disc and outer jacket and at the same time repel dust and other harmful products. Usually available in Mylar or Polyethylene.

  1. Hi-Fi News Accessories
  2. NVI Classical
  3. PEL Products
  4. Prickly Pair Records
  5. Wagar Associates Inc.

Outer Jackets(Album Covers)
A paper envelope which surrounds and protects the record. Usually colored white and plain in nature. Sometimes available as "die cut". This means the jacket appears with a hole in order to view the record label.

  1. NVI Classical
  2. Prickly Pair Records

Outer Sleeves
A plastic envelope or bag which surrounds and protects the album cover. This sometimes is available with a sealable strip at the top of the sleeve. Usually available in Polyethylene.

  1. Hi-Fi News Accessories
  2. NVI Classical
  3. Prickly Pair Records
  4. Wagar Associates Inc.
  5. Bags Unlimited

Record Cleaners
Various types of devices are available for the cleaning of records. Because of the cost of some of these cleaning accessories, it would be best to visit the information on the care and maintenance of your records.

  1. Hi-Fi News Accessories
  2. The Fab Fore Superstore
  3. Garage'A'Records
  4. NVI Classical
  5. The Disc Doctor
  6. Last Factory

Magnetic Cartridge and Phonograph Needles
Available as the entire cartridge or just the replacment stylus. Also available are phonograph needles for the playing of 33 and 78RPM discs.

  1. Garage'A'Records
  2. Prickly Pair Records
  3. Jerry Raskin's-NeedleDoctor

This information was compiled and presented by the Record Collectors Guild.